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We are Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) and Mediators

Our Services:

Court filings, mediation, communication coaching, & divorce support Groups

Court Filings

As LDAs we are licensed and bonded to file all court documents for:
- Divorce
- Legal Separation
- Paternity
- Domestic Partnership
- Child & Spousal Support Modification
- Responses to Petitions
- Orders to Show Cause
- Settlement Agreements

We keep you out of court;
We can respond to a spouse’s attorney;
We work democratically for both parties.


As Mediators we facilitate communication between the parties when they hit a roadblock in any part of their separation, divorce, or paternity negotiations.

We don’t take sides. 

We don’t render decisions for you. 

We help you decide what is best for your situation by engaging conversation in a more creative way than the parties can do on their own.

You Have 3 Options in Filing for Divorce, Legal Separation, Domestic Partnership, Paternity:


LDAs and Mediators
(Most Cost Effective and Conciliatory)

Courthouse Direct

Most people don’t realize that there’s an option to a costly legal battle involving attorneys. That option is hiring a Legal Document Assistance company. These are typically flat-fee based services with some hourly work, but much less costly than completely attorney-driven management of your filing and document exchange.

The best way to use a Legal Document Assistance company is to partner that service with a few hours of an attorney’s time and knowledge for specific questions regarding the law.

The only way settlements are made is by both parties telling their lawyers – or their Legal Document Assistant company - what they will accept. The only person, other than the parties themselves, who can make decisions for the marital settlement is a Judge, and that’s if you go to court.


80% of divorce and legal separation cases are settled out of court. The sooner the parties mutually decide what they want from each other the less legal fees they will pay and the less emotional stress each person will feel.

Knowing that your decisions primarily rest in your hands, isn’t it cost effective to skip the fighting and get to deciding?

We work by appointment only, with a $175 cancellation fee

Every person will receive a Free 20 minute phone consultation!